Curly Q Ndebele Rope Pattern

Curly Q Ndebele Rope Pattern
Item# Peyote-Bezel-Curly-Rope-pattern

Product Description

This Ndebele Rope is like no project you've ever done. It doesn't look like much until very near the end, when you put the magic curl into it. This rope looks good on its own as either a necklace or a bracelet. It also is the perfect partner for the Peyote Cabachon project as shown here.

You should have a basic understanding of Ndebele (herringbone) technique to most successfully work this project. These projects are sure to give you the essential skills: the Ndebele Cuff Bracelet and the Ndebele Ribbon Bracelet.

The Peyote Cabachon shown here is easy to do, with a technique easily learned from the Rivoli Ring

Designer: Bead Culture

Difficulty Level: Intermediate