Ndebele Watchband Pattern

Ndebele Watchband Pattern
Item# Ndebele-Watchband-pattern

Product Description

This watchband is the perfect way to begin stretching your skills with the Ndebele (herringbone) stitch. You will begin to mix beads sizes as you create this very elegant band. What a great way to replace that tattered band of a favorite watch!

But wait! There's more! This pattern includes a bonus technique for you! You’ll learn to craft Ndebele inclusions, and how to adapt this project to various watch faces.

Ndebele can be addictive! You’ll have fun making the Wrap and Drape Necklace and our Super Spiral Bracelet patterns are just the ticket. And there’s plenty more – just put “Ndebele” in the search box, and see what appears!

Designer: Bead Culture

Difficulty Level: Ambitious Beginner