Ndebele Inclusions Pattern

Ndebele Inclusions Pattern
Item# Ndebele-Inclusions-pattern

Product Description

Adele Kimpell is an exceptionally talented designer with a solid grasp of technique. Her embellishments put her work a step above. The special embellishments in this project take basic technique pieces, such as this Kumihimo Braid, from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Ndebele Bells used to embellish this necklace could be used in a variety of ways to enhance the special qualities of your work. Why not try it!? Love it, but need to hone your Ndebele skills? We have many patterns that will help you learn and improve your technique, such as the Ndebele Cuff Bracelet and the Ndebele Ribbon Bracelet.

Designer: Adele Kimpell

Difficulty Level: Advanced