Ndebele Lace Bracelet Pattern

Ndebele Lace Bracelet Pattern
Item# lacy-ndebele-cuff-pattern

Product Description

This twist on the Ndebele (herringbone) stitch gives more of a netted look, but without the messy ends that the netting technique can produce. Picking similar colored beads but with different finishes, like matte and shiny, produces a look similar to the sample shown. This pattern would also look great in choker form! Thank you to Rebecca Bertram, who designed this project. This pattern also includes detailed instructions for adding a button style closure. Check it out and see why this is an all-time favorite!

You’ll be sure to want to expand your Ndebele skills when you’ve finished this project, and our Ring and Repeat Bracelet and Rebecca’s Bracelet patterns are just the ticket. And there’s plenty more – just put “Ndebele” in the search box, and see what appears!

Designer: Rebecca Bertram

Difficulty Level: Easy Beginner