Ndebele Cuff Bracelet Pattern

Ndebele Cuff Bracelet Pattern
Item# Flat-Ndebele-Cuff-pattern

Product Description

This bracelet is fast, fun, and sophisticated. Ndebele (pr. en-da-belly), also known as herringbone stitch, is a foundational technique of African origin that every beader should know.

This project is perfect to showcase a special button or a handmade sterling clasp from Bali to create an heirloom piece. Our detailed instructions will give you the basics you need to move onto our intermediate-level Ndebele projects, such as the Curly Q Ndebele Rope Necklace and our Twisted Sister Bracelet. And there’s plenty more – just put “Ndebele” in the search box, and see what appears!

Designer: Bead Culture

Difficulty Level: Easy Beginner